Giclee fine art prints available.

Acrylic on canvas 26"x 37" "Herring gull at Venice sunset".

Acrylic on canvas 36"x 24" "Yellow crowned night heron by the mangroves".
Acrylic on canvas, 32"x 43" "Snowy egret upon the seagrapes".
Acrylic on canvas 49"x 19""Great white heron at Caspersans".
Acrylic on canvas 48"x48" "swells in the gulf"
Acrylic on canvas 38"x 26" " Manasota morning after the rain".
"Friends" A limited edition lithograph of 865. 34.5"x 15.5"

"Bubbles" A limited edition lithograph of 1000. 14"x 6"

"Bull Hill" A limited edition lithograph of 500. 21"x 13.5"
"Going Home" A limited edition lithograph of 100.16.5"x 11'

Acrylic on canvas 41"x 16" "Manasota beach winter sunset".

"Afternoon on the rocks" 24"x 16" acrylic on canvas.

"Bill's point of view". Acrylic painting of Venice beach ,with Sharkys Pier in the background. 30"x13".

"Graceful reflections" Acrylic painting on canvas, 38"x22".

"We Three Kings" Acrylic painting on canvas, 34.5"x 28".

"Morning in the mangroves".  Acrylic painting on canvas, 26"x17"".

"Just before sunset".  Acrylic painting on canvas, 21"x10".

"Low tide".  Acrylic painting on canvas, 36"x22.5".

"Morning serenity".  Acrylic painting on canvas, 27"x15".

'"Competitors for the first catch" Acrylic on canvas 40"x 30"

'"First catch of the day" Acrylic on canvas 30"x 18"

'"Scrub jays" Acrylic on canvas 30"x 28"

'"Thundering morning" Acrylic on canvas 30"x 24"

'"Manatees meandering" Acrylic on canvas 22"x 72"